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Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Accessories
Silver Jewelry
Freshwater Pearls
Mother-of- Pearl
Semi-Precious Stones

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Fashion necklace in gold color


Fashion "amber look" necklace


26" Long fashion necklace

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Semi-Precious Gemstones

semi-precious stones are a highly attractive and valuable mineral, when cut and polished, is used in jewelry

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Freshwater Pearls

freshwater pearls are formed in freshwater mussels that live in lakes, rivers, ponds and other bodies of fresh water

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NEW CATEGORY!!! Crystal Jewelry

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Product CodeProductPriceDescription
HF-MN-BE Login for priceAdjustable Blue Crystals Necklace
HF-MN-BK Login for priceAdjustable Black Crystals Necklace
HF-MN-G Login for priceAdjustable Gold Crystals Necklace
HF-MN-S Login for priceAdjustable Silver Crystals Necklace
HF-M-W Login for priceWhite Crystals Necklace
HF-M-BE Login for priceBlue Crystals Necklace
HF-M-S Login for priceSilver Crystals Necklace
HF-M-BK Login for priceSilver Crystals Necklace
HF-E-BK Login for priceBlack Crystals Earrings
HF-E-GO Login for priceGold Crystals Earrings